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Medical bath treatments partly supported by OEP

Medical bath treatments partly supported by OEP
The treatments in relation to the social insurance support can only be prescribed by rheumatologist, medicine of physiotherapy, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physical and rehabilitation medicine and in case of trauma indications by traumatology specialist.
The group therapeutic swimming for aged under 18 is ruled in details of each group of diseases.  The child’s GP has the right to prescribe therapeutic swimming on the basis of the suggestion of the specialist of each group of diseases.  In case of spinal and chest deformities, chronic obstructive respiratory disorders, obesity and its complications the school doctor also has the rights to prescribe the treatment.

The therapeutic bath treatment is available twice a year.

In case of one cure 3*15 treatments, and 1*15 pool bath can be prescribed.

Contribution in case of therapeutic bath treatments supported by OEP       

Name of the treatment Duration Contribution Ft
Pool with medical water (01) 30 min
Mud wrap (03) 20 min 450
Weight bath (04) 15 min 300
Medical massage (06) 20 min 500
Water jet massage under the water (07)
15 min 400
Therapeutic exercises in groups under water (08) 25 min 350
Therapeutic swimming for aged under 18 (10) 45 min 0

Medical treatments are available from 10:00 to 14:00.               
TB cure can only be paid in cash.