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Medical treatment


Rheumatological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation surgeries using the possibilities of Pápa thermal water are operating in the area of 1500 square meter of Castle Garden Bath Resort equipped with modern medical devices.
The main entrance of the building can be found on the side of the stadium and it can be reached on the developed road behind the sport stadium but it is directly connected with the thermal bath as well.  The information desk, the surgeries, the gyms and pool areas are found on the ground floor of the building, in which three thermal pools – gym pool, weight bath pool and relaxation pool – serve the cure of illnesses.  The different treatment rooms are hosted in the floor, so the massage, the parafangó, the salt room, and the treatments of tangentor bath, galvanic, glisson and physiotherapy.
The clock rooms, shower rooms and other utility rooms are placed on the ground floor of the building.
The speciality of the medical service offered in Castle Garden Bath Resort is that besides applying the modern treatments and medical devices the beneficial effects of Pápa thermal water are all used while curing: all the treatments are carried out in the thermal water.

> Thermal water composition

Our thermal water has curative effects in case of the following illnesses
   Chronic arthritis, articular lesions
   Chronic diseases of the spine
   Chronic neuralgia, neuritis
   Muscle aches, bone lesions, fractures
   State after sport injuries
   Treatments after orthopedic surgeries and endoprothesis surgeries
   Defined problems of varicose vains

   Inflammatory diseases
   Circulatory problems, high blood pressure
   Serious illnesses of the central nervous system
   Infectious diseases


> Physiotherapy treatments


Within out medical treatments there are possibilities for private therapeutic bath surgeries, for therapeutic bath surgeries supported by OEP (Hungarian NHS) fully, and for therapeutic bath surgeries supported by OEP (Hungarian NHS) partly.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic bath surgeries: water gymnastics, therapeutic exercises, weight bath, physiotherapy, paralango mask, therapeutic massage, water jet massage under the water.

More information: 06/89/512-616