1. Esterházy Palace
  2. Dyer in blue museum
  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő



Information about the access system use

It is obligatory to wear the access watch for each guest.
The surcharge is 5,000 Ft in case of the loss of the access watch.
The deposit paid for the locker key can be received at the cash desk at leaving before going through the access gate.
In case of timeout a surcharge of 25Ft/minutes should be paid at the cash desk.

The rule of the seasonal tickets

We would like to inform our guests that we do not sell yearly, half-yearly and monthly seasonal tickets from 1st May, 2015.
The validity date of the seasonal tickets – 10 occasions - bought until 12th May, 2015 is 31st December, 2015.
10 occasions seasonal tickets bought after 12th May, 2015 are valid for 3 months.
We have 20 occasions seasonal tickets, of which validity is 6 months.
We have introduced the free visitor tickets for the period of 20 minutes.